At Jean Megahan Photography we specialize in casual relaxed portraiture.  The studio’s favorite media is
watercolor paper enhanced by hand made paper. We are also having a blast with canvas gallery wraps. Gallery
wraps are cool because no frame is needed.(Although special frames are available). The edge wraps all the way
around the stretcher frame. Digital printing has allowed us so many choices that standard photo paper is not the
most creative way to go. Although we still prefer it for black and white. We are one of the few studios in our area
that prints on true black and white paper. Most are using color paper because it’s cheaper and easier to get.
Metallic paper is also a fun choice for black and white to really give it a contemporary look.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family. The best portraiture is that which tells the viewer about
the subject’s personality and for groups the relationship. We limit the use of props to those that tell the story. No
silly sets or giant crayons will be found here. We promise to never do boring directory style stuff. It is our goal to
provide you with a lifetime of quality portraiture and awesome products. We are adding new ones all the time. Be
sure to ask about special items like jewelry and bags because we try not to hit you with so many options that it
overwhelms you, so some items are reserved for those who ask and for special gifts as incentives. The media
that is available to us to print on is unbelievable. I could spend all day telling you about it but that would be
boring to you. But, if you are one of those people who wants something created that is something your friends
haven’t seen before you have found the right place! There are so many things you can do with a photograph...I
even design furniture with photos as part of the finish.
Check out our sitting page for more info on studio policies, session prices and things you need to know to get
ready. We always encourage you to schedule a free consultation appointment to discuss your ideas and design
your special heirloom. Call Jean at 832-858-9400 or contact us at and we’ll be happy to
answer any questions.

Jean Megahan Photography Cypress, Texas